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Recipes for Eggs

Baked Eggs (Huevos al Plato)    
Huevos al Plato
Serves:  6
A simple morning dish and everyone loves it.
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Eggs Havana Style    
Huevos Habaneros
Serves:  4
I hope you enjoy this comforting dish as much as I do.
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Fried eggs Cuban style    
Huevos fritos a la cubana
Serves:  3
Serve on top of white rice
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Plantain Omelette    
Tortilla de Platanos Maduros
Serves:  4
A truly Cuban Omelette, makes a delicious lunch paired with a crisp salad.
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Potato Omelette (Tortilla de Papas a la Espanola)    
Tortilla de Papas a la Espanola
Serves:  4
A famous dish served widely in Cuba - Can be served warm or cold
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Scrambled eggs with sausage (chorizo) Cuban style    
Revoltillo de huevos con chorizo a la cubana
Serves:  3
Great for breakfast, specialy on weekends
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Squid Rice
Arroz con Calamares